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fahad alrobaian


I personally had the brakes installed by Dr. Amal and had it removed soon. The result was fantastic. I thank Dr. Amal for her professionalism, honesty, work, and above all, her kind manner.

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nova balila


My experience with Dra. Amal and invisalign is such a wonderful and amazing transformation.Worth it that i choose Invasalign and Doctor Amal for my ortho Treatment. From the start of treatment using invisalign i already see the changes. The benefits of using invisalign is that the applience is virtually invisible,no pain and trauma, easier to brush and floss, very comfortable and most of all very fast and effective.Doctora Amal is very accomodating, she patiently answers my questions regarding my concerns about the treatment. Thank you very much Dra. Keep it up. and may Allah bless you more

Abdullah Al-Otaibi


My experience with the doctor, frankly, is his beautiful work and his results are beautiful. May God bless you, Dr. Amal. You are amazing. God willing. May God bless you.

Non Alakloubi


Just a few hours ago, I came out with amazing teeth, God willing, amazing arrangement, 100% upper jaw. My sister and my family loved it once, as if it were a Hollywood smile, God willing, may God bless you. She always advises that we do not extract teeth. She prefers that it be only 1% of the problem, and she does not have them removed, and her job is a liability and conscience, which makes her tired. From the heart and master not any words, and if there is something that bothers you, adjust it in a way that makes you comfortable, even if you get tired. May God grant her success, O Lord.



If I were to write a thousand lines about Dr. Amal, my experience with her was the best after I had suffered from three previous braces and many failed experiments. I came to her with no hope that my teeth would be straightened, but her hands were wrapped in silk and I got the best braces and the best results with her in record time. I have tried most of the dental hospitals in Sharqia. But like Dr. Amal, I did not find her sincerity, mastery, and sweet spirit. I am now writing my experience and I am extremely happy with the result I achieved today after removing the braces. I strongly advise everyone to try orthodontics with Dr. Amal because it will be a unique experience and its results are more beautiful than imagination. There was My teeth had very large extraction gaps and gaps between the teeth and the plates. It was not good, and I arrived with Dr. Amal for a result of such beauty and mastery that I cannot describe it. May God reward her with all the best??

Ghada Shjrawi


The most wonderful doctor Sadaqa, my dental condition was one of the most difficult cases and she was with me every step during and after treatment and I got the result I wanted and better ♥️? There are no doctors after you...

Najwa Al-Sharif


Frankly speaking, Dr. Amal is not enough for a simple comment here. For me, I consider her the best orthodontist in the Eastern Province. Her work is very beautiful, based on two experiences of mine and my sister’s, and from experiences I saw on her Instagram. She is very sincere, loves her work, and makes sure that her clients get the most beautiful results. May God make her happy and bless her in her work. And grant her goodness?

Mohammad O. Zahran


Away from compliments; Dr. Amal Al-Kabsi is one of the finest doctors on a personal level. On the professional level, she is diligent and loves her work and her specialty in orthodontics. She is always searching for the latest international technology used in orthodontics, and uses the best quality materials with high professionalism. She cares that her patient understands his problem and the correct treatment method even before applying it. After more than five years of treatment, she is still in contact with me and checking on my dental results. I advise everyone to visit her and benefit from her experiences.

Reem Jboor


A very wonderful doctor.. She understands what she is doing and she is an artist at her job ❤️ I followed her from 2013 to 2016 and it was the best experience I had in orthodontics with her.. I never regret it and I advise everyone to go for treatment with her because she works conscientiously and makes appropriate decisions for the patient? I am very proud of you, Dr. Amal. May God grant you success.

Fatim Muzel


My experience at Dr. Amal Al-Kabsi’s clinic: In the beginning, I had crowded teeth and needed a bite adjustment, so I started treatment with Dr. Amal Al-Kabsi with Damon braces, and the results were quick and noticeable, and the braces were easy to clean. The doctor explained every step of the procedure, which made the patient comfortable. The staff is cooperative and quick to deliver.

fahad alrobaian


I personally had the brakes installed by Dr. Amal and had it removed soon. The result was fantastic. I thank Dr. Amal for her professionalism, honesty, work, and above all, her kind manner.

Mohammed AL-Kahlani


A very wonderful doctor gave me a plan and I stuck to it. Thank God, I removed the braces and my smile. I did not expect to reach this result. May God make her happy. Dr. Amal, I would not advise anyone to go beyond her.

mans z


The most wonderful orthodontist you can come across.. Great work, mastery and treatment. May God bless her, she is an artist after all.. She works with love and that is why you see amazing results with her.. My smile, everyone praised and commented on it, it became much sweeter than I expected, God willing.. May God give her good health and grant her peace of hand. Many thanks to you, the most wonderful doctor ❤️

Rakan G


My experience with Dr. Amal was very fantastic with Invisalign, God willing, and the results were much better than I expected. May God give her good health. Great job and she knows exactly what to do. He is an artist, and Dr. Saud is also an innovator in cleaning. ?

Aqeel Al-Wabari


I visited Dr. Amal based on the positive reviews. I was a little afraid of metal braces and their pain. The doctor encouraged me and explained that the pain, if any, would be very light. I actually continued with her and did not feel any pain during the treatment period until the time of tightening. In addition, the improvement was evident from The first two months.. All thanks to Dr. Amal and I strongly advise you to visit her??



Today I finished my treatment with Dr. Amal?? I am very satisfied with the result, after suffering and a failed orthodontic experience, I went to Dr. Amal and spent two years with us, and I see the result today and I do not regret at all that I made the decision to have her as my doctor. She is a very polite and comfortable doctor who deals smoothly with the patient, gives comfort, is cooperative, and does a perfect job. I thank her with all my heart. She is wonderful. Dr. Amal has restored my hope???

Hussam ALHarbi


Honesty is a job that Dr. Amal is grateful for, in terms of appointments and work, and I am speaking from personal experience. I have been to all the hospitals, but the job is not the same as that of the doctor. The best thing is that she understands the financial circumstances of her clients and is thankful for her high morals and for the quality of the doctor’s work. All of the family members deal with her. Words of thanks and praise cannot describe Dr. Amal. Honesty is a job to be thankful for. Dr. Amal, in terms of appointments and work, and I am speaking from personal experience, I have been to all the hospitals, but none of the jobs of the doctor are the same. The best thing is that she understands the financial circumstances of her clients and is thankful for her high morals and for the quality of the doctor’s work. All of the families who deal with her. Words of thanks and praise cannot describe Dr. Amal’s rights.

Alanoud Sultan


Dr. Amal is more than wonderful. I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I and my daughters have been visiting her for years and the results are very beautiful ❤️



Before opting to go for treatment with Dr Amal I went read many positive reviews from her patients. But as for my personal experience with Dr Amal, I found her services to be exceptional and outstanding. I believe I made the right choice my investing for treatment from professional orthodontist like Dr Amal. The most positive aspect of Dr Amal is her genuine concern for her patients to be satisfied. The supporting staff nurses with Dr Amal are also highly trained and courteous. Highly recommend to others who are looking for orthodontic treatment.



My experience was very nice and satisfactory with Dr. Amal after a previous orthodontic experience, and there is really a difference between the two doctors. She is a very keen person in her work and her work is well thought out and based on principles?? She makes you understand every step of the plan and what will happen, and she discusses with you, and this is very important to me, and she makes sure that the result is perfect. I thank her for her sincerity in her work and her honesty...



A virtuous, distinguished and very professional doctor. I had metal braces with her and the treatment continued for two years with regular appointments and the results were impressive and satisfactory, praise be to God. My case was a crossbite and a mismatch between the molars and the alignment of the teeth. I had had braces done previously by other doctors, but unfortunately the results were not satisfactory. Now the problem has been solved without any extraction or surgery of the jaw. The doctor is an advisor and listens to the comments and is keen on the aesthetic and final appearance of the teeth. Her experience, God willing, is comprehensive in the field of orthodontics and dentistry in general. Her prices depend on the condition of the disease, and she makes offers sometimes. I recommend I thank her and wish her success in her professional and family life.



First and foremost, Dr. Amal is extremely professional and is very passionate about her profession. She is highly skilled, straightforward, and sincerely wants the best for you. My experience with her wasn’t a long one, as my procedure didn’t require a long process, but it was great! She offers alternative options, doesn’t force something on you, and ensures your consent and comfort. Highly recommend her for any orthopedic work. Thanks again Dr. Amal, and I wish you great success in your future.



I thank Dr. Amal Al-Kabsi for the interest, care and cooperation that she showed in her work on my daughter’s teeth (Invisalign braces). It is a tidy and organized job. We wish her more success and success. If it had ten stars, I would give it to her.



My experience was very excellent with Dr. Amal. Her hand is light and her work is effortless, may God bless her. I had a problem with the sharp edges of the dental retainer and she adjusted it for me. It became smooth and comfortable.



Five stars is not enough for doctor Amal .one of the most professional doctors I have came a cross maybe the only one based of my experience with different doctors in my dental journey . I always leave my appointment feeling so

ghufran Essa


Dr. Amal?? My testimony is injured in you, and yes, the doctor, etiquette, and morals. The first visit with the doctor, she told me to smile. I told the doctor, “I don’t like to smile and I don’t like anyone to see my teeth.” She told me, “I’ll let you. Do you like to smile?” I finished my Invisalign braces, and after that my smile never left me, and everyone who saw my teeth praised them and asked about my doctor?? Thank you, Dr. Amal. You are a life changer ✨✨✨✨

Robert Cook


My experience with Dr Amal Alkebsi and her team was fantastic. The results from my Invisalign treatment far exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with the outcome. Dr Amal and her team were both technically and personally professional and proficient, ensuring that my treatment was on track to yield the best results. I highly recommend the experience for anyone looking for dental

Haya Yousif


Blessed be God, the work of Dr. is excellent. I advise everyone to visit her. She is one of the best doctors I have visited. May God grant you wellness, Dr. Amal?

Eman Obid


One of the most wonderful doctors.. knowledge, ethics and skill.. super in everything.. and her name is true.. My condition was very difficult and many doctors apologized for not finding a solution for it and gave me hope to treat it.. I had a deep bite that caused an impaction My teeth were together as a result of a previous incorrect braces. With the grace of God Almighty, Dr. Amal treated my condition and I got a perfect smile. May God reward her with all the best. I advise everyone who wants to get braces done with safe hands and dedication to work until a satisfactory result is reached with treatment. Then

Rakan G


My experience with Dr. Amal is very fantastic with Invisalign, God willing, and the result is much better than I expected. May God give her wellness, a mighty job and she knows exactly what to do. His artist as well as Dr. Saud, with cleaning creativi

Aqil Al-Wubari


I visited Dr. Amal based on the positive evaluations and I was a little afraid of the metal braces and its pain, and the doctor encouraged me and explained that the pain, if any, would be very mild..and I actually continued with her and did not feel any pain throughout the treatment period until the time of the addition to that the improvement was from The first two months... All thanks to Dr. Amal, and I strongly advise her to visit

Salam Alshoqran


Great experience by your magical hands  I don't forget your caring about my case especially you were always taken my opinion in your consideration

I love the result and my teeth until now from all of my heart thank you

lixil 77


My experience with the most wonderful Dr. Amal..

I was frankly afraid about the straightening stage, because according to what some say, it is a bad period, but on the contrary, Dr. Amal made a plan for me and we followed it. It was easy and I did not feel the time at all. Even the pain was not once strong. The same experiences of some of those around me. The result is very satisfactory, beautiful and above expectationsbeen to many doctors before, and unfortunately the treatment was not good. As for Dr.

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